What punching process can be efficient production

Precision punching press is a press. In the national production, the stamping process because of the traditional mechanical processing for saving materials and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator and through a variety of mold applications can be made by machining products can not achieve these advantages cnc drilling machine for sale, and thus It is used more and more widely boring drilling machine. Precision punching, punching tonnage: 30 tons -65 tons. High-strength cast iron frame, the stress elimination, to ensure long-term precision. Three-round guide column slider structure, to minimize the dynamic friction, with forced lubrication, so that heat to a minimum. Dynamic balance system to balance the crankshaft, slider at high speed vibration, control the bottom dead center precision.

Precision Punch frequency control can be started at zero speed and in accordance with the needs of users to smooth acceleration plate beveling machine, and its acceleration curve can also be selected. CNC punch through the start frequency of the motor or the mechanical part of the connected shaft or gear will produce severe vibration. This vibration will further aggravate the mechanical wear and loss, reduce the mechanical parts and motor life. In addition, the frequency conversion start can also be applied to similar filling line to prevent the bottle upside down or damage.

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