Toughness and Wear Resistance of High Speed ​​Steel Cutters

High-speed steel milling cutter generally do not do tensile strength testing bevel machine, and to metallographic, hardness test-based. Tungsten and molybdenum high-speed steel milling cutter after the correct heat treatment, Rockwell hardness can reach 63 or more, high-speed steel cobalt in more than 65. Acid leaching of steel should not be visible macroscopic shrinkage, turning the skin. Center loose, generally loose should be less than 1 level. Metallographic examination includes the decarburization layer drilling machine company, microstructure and carbide non-uniformity of the three projects.

1.High speed steel milling cutter should not have obvious decarburization. Microstructure must not have bone-like eutectic lathite exist.

2. High-speed steel milling cutter in the uneven impact on the quality of the largest carbide, the current metallurgical and mechanical sectors of the degree of uneven carbide attaches great importance iron worker tools. According to the different uses of steel carbide unevenness can be put forward different levels of requirements, usually less than 3 levels.

3. The use of high-speed steel cutting tools, in addition to its high hardness, high wear resistance and adequate toughness, there is an important factor is the red hardness.

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