There are many system variables available for each control system

, such as probing, un manned and agile manufacturing, transfer systems, etc There are many system variables available for each control system, and

there sig nif i cant differences be tween var i ous con trol sys tems (even within the var i ous Fanuc mod –

els avail able) It is very un likely that any pro gram mer will ever need them all The con trol ref er –

ence man ual will come very handy as a ref er ence resource

Identifying System Variables

When working with sys tem vari ables, there are two very im por tant fea tures to be aware of right

from the be gin ning Both re late to the way the sys tem vari ables are iden ti fied by the control:


structural fabrication

System variables are numbered from #1000 and up (four or five digit numbers)


System variables are not displayed on the control display screen

The num ber ing is fixed by Fanuc and can not be changed In this ar bi trarily num bered sys tem, a

ref er ence book or man ual is required for each con trol model in the shop Fanuc pro vides such a

man ual with the pur chase of a par tic u lar con trol sys tem A notching machine great num ber of sys tem automatic punching machine vari ables are

iden ti fied in this hand book as well

Since the sys tem vari ables can not be di rectly dis played on the screen (ap plies to a large num ber

of con trols), there must be an other way of find ing what their cur rent val ues are The method used

is called a value trans fer In the pro gram, or in MDI mode, the value of a sys tem vari able can be

trans ferred into a lo cal or com mon vari able This chap ter deals with this sub ject as well

By or ga niz ing work, a tre men dous step for ward can be made In the case of sys tem vari ables,

the first sig nif i cant step to their punching machine better or ga ni za tion is by group ing them


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 10

System Variables Groups

Sys tem vari ables are solely de pend ent on the CNC sys tem This is a very im por tant and ac cu –

rate state ment It means that dif fer

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