The basic rules of CNC programming do not allow a decimal point in the spindle speed


which is the same in a macro as


is on a cal cu la tor, and returns ex actly

1326291 r/min – rev o lu tions per min ute

The basic rules of CNC programming do not allow a decimal point in the spindle speed spec i fi –

ca tion The in te ger of 1326 (used as S1326 in the pro gram) is al lowed, but a real num ber of

1326291 is not The macro FIX func tion will dis card all the dec i mal places of the cal cu lated

value, leav ing only the in te ger There will be no round ing, just the iso lated in te ger value – the FIX

func tion strips the dec i mal val ues of a real num ber, leav ing only the in te ger In the case of the

spin dle speed, the r/min will be ac cu rate within one rev o lu tion

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Beam Drilling Machine



The last group of vari ables is called the Sys tem Vari ables The word 鈥榮ys tem锟?in the de scrip tion

of Sys tem Vari ables means the Con trol Sys tem vari ables This group of vari ables is rather a spe –

cial group and can not be com pared to the vari able types al ready dis cussed (lo cal and common) It

is equally im por tant in mac ros, but stands on its own

In a macro pro gram, this group is used to ad dress the reg is ters of the con trol mem ory (also

called ad dress able mem ory angle shearing machine lo ca tions) In cer tain sit u a tions (not nor mally), some sys tem vari ables

can also be used to change some in ter nal data (also called sys tem data) stored within the CNC sys –

tem For ex am ple, a work co or di nate sys tem (work off set) can be changed by ma nip u lat ing the

sys tem vari ables (chang ing one or more sys tem vari ables) In a sim i lar Angle punching machine Punching way, items like the tool

length com pen sa tion, macro alarms, pa ram e ter set tings, parts count, modal val ues of the G-codes

(plus sev eral ad di tional codes), and many oth ers, can be changed as well Sys tem vari ables are ex –

tremely im por tant for au to mated en vi ron ment

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