Talking about the Development Trend of Press In the severe economic environment

Talking about the Development Trend of Press In the severe economic environment, non-cutting forming is a powerful means to win the competition and distance between enterprises and competitors, and environmental protection is the theme of the 21st century, as environmental protection processing methods will be the main direction of development. High-precision, high-value form-free forming is essential for cutting angle iron drill. In order to achieve these requirements, it is necessary to understand the overall process from material to finished product. Punch on one of the important technical elements. Punch the basic characteristics and developed in recent years applicable to a variety of forming technology, high-precision multi-function punch direction of development. There are two main characteristics of a punch, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal stiffness of the slider and table arch and the elastic elongation of the frame; and lateral stiffness under the influence of the eccentric load of the horizontal displacement of the slider. The second is the movement of the slider characteristics, including the vertical, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product.

The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on custom processing machine, can not only consider a certain factor. The accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristics of the motion profile. So to improve these characteristics, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved. Universal punch high rigidity, high performance: the original general-purpose machine C-shaped punch is also the pursuit of high-precision, high performance, which developed an integrated gantry punch; with AIDA connecting rod drive mechanism and near the bottom dead center speed Slow and SPM unaffected rod presses. The connecting rod presses the two eccentric connecting rods between the drive gear and the crankshaft hydraulic punching machine. When the driving gear rotates, the crankshaft does not move at a constant speed due to the change of the connection angle of the connecting rod. Unlike the other link mechanisms, the link mechanism has a small number of connection points of the pressure receiving portion and a small integrated gap. As shown in Fig. 8, the connecting rod mechanism has a higher torque capacity than the toggle mechanism, and can be formed at a higher dead center position.

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