Precision press photoelectric protection device

Precision punch press photoelectric protection device, photoelectric protection device, also known as photoelectric handguards, safety light curtain angle iron shear, is a non-mandatory precision punch press matching device, mainly for precision punching dangerous processing area security protection, protection of stamping processing personnel production personnel Safety. With stamping customers on the processing of production safety requirements are getting higher and higher, with the resulting change is more and more customers choose to install a photoelectric protection for the press, high-speed press after the installation of photoelectric protection device in the punch slip Block down the stamping to play a protective role, once the detection of hazardous objects in the processing area, it can automatically control punch press downtime, thus fundamentally ensuring the life of the punch operator safety. In this case, The photoelectricity protection device of precision press consists of light emitter, light receiver, steel tube support, signal cable and controller. The controller consists of intermediate relay bevel tools, stop button and return solenoid valve.

The coil of intermediate relay is connected to the output of PLC controller, The normally open contact of the intermediate relay is connected in series with the return solenoid valve. The stop button is connected in parallel with the photoelectric protection device and connected to the input end of the PLC controller. The light emitted from the light emitter is directed to the light receiving device to form a protective light curtain. When the light curtain is blocked, the receiver generates a shading signal, through the signal cable to the controller, the controller will process this signal to produce a control signal, control precision punch press control circuit alarm device to achieve punch press parking Or safety alarm. When the precision punch press photoelectric protection device detects the dangerous area has the object, its normally opens the contact to be closed, is equal to the return position solenoid valve does not work; When the photoelectricity protection device detects the dangerous region to have the object in the precision press slide, the photoelectricity protection device relay, When the stop button is pressed, the input of the PLC controller is turned on, all the solenoid valves of the precision punching machine are de-energized and the press is stopped plate beveling machine.

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