On the domestic punch technology to be improved 10 years in the world

On the domestic punch technology to be improved 10 years in the world is still in the bubble burst after the false alarm, our country has won two consecutive ‘world first’. First, the car yield reached 13.7 million cnc drill, the ‘world first’ is usually considered to be the symbol of access to industrial countries. Second, China’s punch industry output value of 401 hydraulic press.4 billion yuan, the first time the world’s first big punch into the country. The car went down the assembly line of the factory. Those used to polish the parts, assembly of various colors of the car is a great machine, is the punch. Punch also known as machine tools.

Marx once said that the machine tool is the starting point of the eighteenth industrial revolution. The industry has this argument, saying that China’s manufacturing is ‘polished goods’, made in Germany or Japan, is known as ‘manufacturing plant’. The implication, the level of industrialization progress and occlusion, in the punch of this industry ‘machine’ production capacity Beam Sawing Machine, who holds the bull? 2002 so far, China’s first 10 years of light for the first punch and the largest importer of large countries, punch into the super-business there are billions of dollars. This means that, despite the large capacity of our industry, but in fact or ‘armed themselves’. Today, China’s ‘world polishing factory’ has been to upgrade the final restructuring of the teeth, not only to be able to polish the goods, but also must be able to ‘manufacturing plant’. The first demand to climb the ‘threshold’, is the punch.

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