How to maintain the mechanical and operating skills of the press every year

After the daily maintenance work of the precision punching machine is finished, the service life of the equipment will be improved, and the stable performance can be achieved. For equipment maintenance work, however, is not a simple cleaning, check. Users will distinguish between regular maintenance and regular maintenance.

Routine maintenance is to enable precision punching can slow down the aging rate, and regular maintenance is to solve the problem, eliminate hidden dangers, precision punch, the perfect combination of the two, to achieve the effect of maintenance. Regular maintenance and can be divided into monthly, semi-annual, punch manufacturers as well as annual maintenance. Each year in the maintenance of precision presses are multi-faceted, the need for a user through the implementation of a.

First, the user needs to drill hole overload protection device for inspection and maintenance. It’s oil cleaning, cleaning the oil chamber, also need to replace the new oil, so as not to use oil power.

Second, the user needs to perforate the photoelectric safety device performance and pitch angle test for precise adjustment. They have, precision punching machine will automatically detect whether there is a great impact on processing accuracy of processing equipment.

Third, the user needs to impulse system, contact wear inspection, the appearance of loose wires and so on

Fourth, users need to check the motor belt, away from the brake components, precision punch balancer. Cleaning and repair of these devices and adjustment and repair of damaged parts must be replaced.

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