How to extend the service life of the punch grinding

1. Punch demagnetization treatment and sprayed with smooth oil, defense rust. To prevent rust to supplement the life of the punch.

2. IPM punch in the implementation of the task to do if the surrounding neat, white, to reduce the conflict. The actual operation of the accumulation of a number of related to the accumulation of nursing experience, do some of the relevant notes

3. Grinding use, the punch held in the surface of the magnetic chuck grinder, so that the borders are often confrontation is very small, repeated operations.

It can be used for cutting, punching, blanking, twisting, riveting, and drawing of metal and nonmetal raw materials such as sheet, strip, coil and so on. It can be used in style, electronics, clocks, electrical appliances, hardware, machine parts and so on. Stretching and other processes.

The IPM 25-ton open-type tilting press is a tilting-forging mechanism that slides down to facilitate stamping or waste removal from the mold. Select a rigid turnkey dispenser with single and continuous operation. The use of belt brakes, slide with crush type to ensure that the fuse when the overload was crushed, so the punch machine to ensure that the Henan Province from destruction. This machine is versatile, high precision, reliable, easy to operate the benefits. Such as supporting the use of feed installation, you may wish to semi-active stamping work. Easy to operate, the use of weekday punch factory.

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