Fanuc controls may take on different meanings of the control system variables Programmers

 Fanuc controls may take on different meanings of the control system variables Programmers and service technicians have to know which model of the

con trol sup ports which fea tures and the as sign ment of vari ables The macro pro gram you de velop

may only be used for the se lected con trol unit and, most likely, for the se lected ma chine as well

Over the years, Fanuc has brought many dif fer ent con trol mod els to the in dus try Only the most

com mon and the cur rent ones are dis cussed here They are listed with angle machine the FS (FS stand for Fanuc

Sys tem or Fanuc Se ries) ab bre vi a tion:

cnc drilling Machine


FS-0, FS-10, FS-11, FS-15, FS-16, FS-18, FS-21 (plus variations)

Older con trols are easy to fig ure out as well, but the con trol ref er ence man ual will be needed

For ex am ple, Fanuc 3 is rel a tively sim i lar to Fanuc 0 Fanuc 6 is the pre de ces sor of Fanuc 10/11

Keep in mind that the model num bers do not in di cate the higher or lower level of the con trol notching machine fea –

tures From the list, it is the Fanuc 15 that is clas si fied as the top of the line, al though its num ber is

smaller that some oth ers All con trols are avail able in the mill ing ver sion (FS-xxM or FS-xxMB),

for ex am ple FS-15M, and the turn ing ver sion (FS-xxT), for ex am ple Fanuc 16T or angle shearing machine 16TB They

are also avail able for wire EDM, grind ing, and sev eral other ma chine types, but only mill ing and

turn ing are of an in ter est in this hand book

Read and Write Variables

Vari ables con tain data – data that change, or vari able data There are two types of vari ables in

terms of how the data is ac quired Some vari ables can be writ ten to, meaning they can be changed

via a pro gram or by MDI This type of vari ables can also be read by the sys tem, and stored val ues

pro cessed by the sys tem Sys tem vari ables in this group are called Read and Write vari ables

The other group type cov ers vari ables that can be pro cessed, dis played on the screen us ing lo cal

or com mon vari ables, but they can not be changed by the us

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