Co-forging precision punch use IPM precision punching equipment

Co-forging precision punch use IPM precision punching equipment is widely used in home appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, lighting, connectors, terminals, shrapnel and all kinds of hardware products. Using high-grade, high-strength cast iron to create. To ensure the accuracy of the product drilling equipment companies, we are applying for a patent, I believe in the near future, we can artificially limit the maximum natural mechanical wear and tear.

IPM PRECISION PUNCH As the manufacturer of punch press Angle Steel Punching Machine, we aim at improving the stamping technology capacity, customer first and sincere service as our business tenet. We are adhering to the meticulous and meticulous work requirements of fine workmanship, strict quality and continuous improvement. Each IPM machine cnc drill machine. To innovation, sincerity of the business philosophy, service to our customers.

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