Co-forging precision forging press, spinning Spinning

Co-forging precision forging press, spinning Spinning is the common rotation of the slab and mandrel drilling machine manufacturers, the pressure from the roll wheel and the pressure, so that slabs close to the local deformation of the core point by point of the stamping process. Spinning principle Spinning can produce a variety of axisymmetric rotating parts cnc plate drilling machine, such as loudspeakers ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ pressure vessel head closure gongs; can also be used for closing the cylinder ﹑ ﹑ tube forming angle steel open. Spinning is characterized by: small deformation force can be formed with a large workpiece; use of equipment is relatively simple, small and medium size sheet metal parts can be used ordinary lathe spinning; mold is simple, only a core mold, material requirements low.

Spinning applies to small batch production, because it can only rotate parts of the body, the limitations of large, low productivity. Spinning can be used special machinery, the use of copy spinning and digital control spinning. Spinning at the same time the thickness of the thinning process known as thinning spinning, also known as strong spinning, used for processing cone-shaped pieces of thin-walled, etc., can also be used to spin a large diameter deep Tube, and then cut open after the plate.

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