CNC drilling machine which the main application

CNC drilling machine is a versatile machine tool for a wide range of applications, such as drilling, reaming, reaming, countersinking and tapping, etc. Boring can also be done with the process equipment on the radial drilling machine. Bench drill coupled with universal worktable, but also milling keyway.
The automobile, the motorcycle and its spare part profession is the high-volume production profession the representative, needs the complete set; The high efficiency, the high accuracy, the high reliability numerical control processing machine tool, the production way transforms from the rigid automatic direction.For example the automobile shell part processing , CNC machine tools automatic line gradually to the high-speed machining center composed of flexible production line direction change, and shaft and disc type parts processing with CNC lathe.Numerical grinding machine as the basic equipment, automobile manufacturing industry is today one of the fastest growing industries in China, CNC machine tools is the largest user industry.
Such as CNC gantry milling, CNC floor boring, large-scale five-sided processing equipment, etc .. Aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace and other industries. Such as the need for multi-axis coordinate industry, high-precision, complex-type surface processing equipment.These devices are mainly four-axis linkage plus the center, turning center copy milling, etc. These devices are characterized by special matching software technology complex, often Such as the aerospace industry is not only the structure of the aircraft and the aerodynamic shape of the overall structure and take a lot of coordinate high-speed CNC milling machines and vertical machining center, and the aero-engine fuselage, impeller and blades, Also must use the numerical control engine bed processing to be able to guarantee the processing quality and the production efficiency.The human drought machine manufacture industry situation and the aviation industry are different, but all must establish its manufacture technology in the numerical control processing foundation.

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