Characteristics of co – closed closed precision punch machine

1. Superior plan, high-rigidity three-stage punch body, 4 2 times the nominal force of the pre-tightening rod, locking by the high-pressure oil lock, stable shape, high precision control of the bottom dead center precision, and as long as the custody Department of hydraulic pressure can play card mode. 2. 4 points support the crankshaft, the support point near to avoid the crankshaft force deformation, and precision can be adhered to, the fulcrum and connecting rod are applied to import heavy duty fine rolling bearings, the gap is minimal, argue that force is very small, Block not only the death of the shock and greatly reduce the debate that fever, reduce deformation energy consumption.

3. Equalization of audio equipment, set aside the weight of the weight of the audio balance display can be low consumption back and forth movement produced Hongyuan inertia angle drill machine, vibration is minimal, 4. Slide guide system, take the above large double guide column, the top four circular static pressure guide column, large guide column can suck rod movement lateral force and can withstand a larger mold upward preference load, 4 round static guide column High precision, good orientation, strong anti-bias technology and can be symmetrical row of stamping produced by lateral anti-induced force. 5. Stress cycle smooth furnishings, after a strong motor smooth all the movement of machine parts, to avoid wear. In order to avoid heat on the impact of product quality, configuration cooling oil circulation equipment. 6. Preferred axis plan, adopt high-strength alloy steel, heat treatment hydraulic busbar cutter, grinding, far more than the general crankshaft plan, CNC punch presses can withstand greater technical output and stable shape. 7. Rib hydraulic locking device beveling machine, the application of high-pressure oil lock, remove the mold-rib clearance, guarantee the accuracy of movement back and forth.

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