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How to maintain the mechanical and operating skills of the press every year

After the daily maintenance work of the precision punching machine is finished, the service life of the equipment will be improved, and the stable performance can be achieved. For equipment maintenance work, however, is not a simple cleaning, check. Users will distinguish between regular maintenance and regular maintenance.

Routine maintenance is to enable precision punching can slow down the aging rate, and regular maintenance is to solve the problem, eliminate hidden dangers, precision punch, the perfect combination of the two, to achieve the effect of maintenance. Regular maintenance and can be divided into monthly, semi-annual, punch manufacturers as well as annual maintenance. Each year in the maintenance of precision presses are multi-faceted, the need for a user through the implementation of a.

First, the user needs to drill hole overload protection device for inspection and maintenance. It’s oil cleaning, cleaning the oil chamber, also need to replace the new oil, so as not to use oil power.

Second, the user needs to perforate the photoelectric safety device performance and pitch angle test for precise adjustment. They have, precision punching machine will automatically detect whether there is a great impact on processing accuracy of processing equipment.

Third, the user needs to impulse system, contact wear inspection, the appearance of loose wires and so on

Fourth, users need to check the motor belt, away from the brake components, precision punch balancer. Cleaning and repair of these devices and adjustment and repair of damaged parts must be replaced.

How to extend the service life of the punch grinding

1. Punch demagnetization treatment and sprayed with smooth oil, defense rust. To prevent rust to supplement the life of the punch.

2. IPM punch in the implementation of the task to do if the surrounding neat, white, to reduce the conflict. The actual operation of the accumulation of a number of related to the accumulation of nursing experience, do some of the relevant notes

3. Grinding use, the punch held in the surface of the magnetic chuck grinder, so that the borders are often confrontation is very small, repeated operations.

It can be used for cutting, punching, blanking, twisting, riveting, and drawing of metal and nonmetal raw materials such as sheet, strip, coil and so on. It can be used in style, electronics, clocks, electrical appliances, hardware, machine parts and so on. Stretching and other processes.

The IPM 25-ton open-type tilting press is a tilting-forging mechanism that slides down to facilitate stamping or waste removal from the mold. Select a rigid turnkey dispenser with single and continuous operation. The use of belt brakes, slide with crush type to ensure that the fuse when the overload was crushed, so the punch machine to ensure that the Henan Province from destruction. This machine is versatile, high precision, reliable, easy to operate the benefits. Such as supporting the use of feed installation, you may wish to semi-active stamping work. Easy to operate, the use of weekday punch factory.

Increasing the Smoothness of CNC Drilling

The smoothness of the guide rail movement directly related to the use of CNC drilling machine effect, so, in order to better enhance the use of CNC drilling machine effect, it is necessary to take certain measures to ensure the smoothness of the rail movement, the following method is that we have repeatedly tested The conclusion, can effectively enhance the smoothness of CNC drilling machine guide movement.
1, to improve the processing technology, give full play to the effect of dynamic pressure lubrication, can greatly improve the sliding rail motion smoothness.
(Deep) scraping guide is the traditional rail scraping process, according to the number of points per square inch, and to ensure a certain depth to the processing acceptance.Wide (shallow) scraping process instead of point (deep) scraping is to improve the rail Wear resistance of the effective method of metal cutting machine tools on the use of wide (shallow) scraping process, can be very effective customer service weight, low speed crawl and wear fast these three shortcomings.
The test results show that the friction coefficient of the wide scraping guide is only 10% -50% of the scraping guide rail. Under the contact pressure p = 0.0135MPa, the L-AN10 lubricating oil is used for the wide scraping guide rail. The width of the scraper blade is wide, the scraper is light, the scraper is only 1-2 microns wide when the cutting edge, and thus the effect is high; wide scraping the critical speed of the crawler track than Point scraping guide low.
2, the friction material properly matched, you can get a good anti-climbing effect, can greatly improve the sliding rail motion smoothness.
Anti-adhesion properties of good material matching are: cast iron on hardened steel, cast iron on plastic, steel on bronze, etc. Especially PTFE, infiltration of fluorine plastic sintered bronze, friction coefficient is very low, and the static friction coefficient difference is very small, Has an excellent anti-climbing effect.

CNC drilling machine which the main application

CNC drilling machine is a versatile machine tool for a wide range of applications, such as drilling, reaming, reaming, countersinking and tapping, etc. Boring can also be done with the process equipment on the radial drilling machine. Bench drill coupled with universal worktable, but also milling keyway.
The automobile, the motorcycle and its spare part profession is the high-volume production profession the representative, needs the complete set; The high efficiency, the high accuracy, the high reliability numerical control processing machine tool, the production way transforms from the rigid automatic direction.For example the automobile shell part processing , CNC machine tools automatic line gradually to the high-speed machining center composed of flexible production line direction change, and shaft and disc type parts processing with CNC lathe.Numerical grinding machine as the basic equipment, automobile manufacturing industry is today one of the fastest growing industries in China, CNC machine tools is the largest user industry.
Such as CNC gantry milling, CNC floor boring, large-scale five-sided processing equipment, etc .. Aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace, aerospace and other industries. Such as the need for multi-axis coordinate industry, high-precision, complex-type surface processing equipment.These devices are mainly four-axis linkage plus the center, turning center copy milling, etc. These devices are characterized by special matching software technology complex, often Such as the aerospace industry is not only the structure of the aircraft and the aerodynamic shape of the overall structure and take a lot of coordinate high-speed CNC milling machines and vertical machining center, and the aero-engine fuselage, impeller and blades, Also must use the numerical control engine bed processing to be able to guarantee the processing quality and the production efficiency.The human drought machine manufacture industry situation and the aviation industry are different, but all must establish its manufacture technology in the numerical control processing foundation.